July 31: Juneau, Alaska

On Tuesday morning we arrived in Juneau, Alaska. The Celebrity Millennium was not the only cruise ship in Juneau today.

Docking in Juneau, Alaska Our whale watching boat Our whale watching group.

Once we docked in Juneau, we headed for the dock. We found the van for Harv and Marv’s Outback Alaska and were driven out to the small boat harbor at Auke Bay at the other end of town. Here is the boat that took us out whale watching. The boat carried 6 people and the captain.

Captain Shawn A pod of at least sis humpback whales Another group of whales

Captain Shawn piloted our boat out into the main channel. Before long we encountered a pod of humpback whales. We weren’t able to get close to the whales so we soon moved to a different area with a different group of whales.

A pair of humpbacks A humpback diving Composite shot showing a dive

At a third location we encountered another pair of humpbacks. When a humpback dives its tail flips up in the air. The third photo is a composite shot showing a humpback as it stats to dive.

Sea lions basking on a buoy A luxury yacht

As we returned from our whale watching expedition we passed a group of sea lions basking on a channel buoy and a luxury yacht.

Mendenhall Glacier Mendenhall Glacier Visitors' Center Waterfall fed by the glacier

On the drive back from Anke Bay to Juneau we stopped off to see the Mendenhall Glacier. As with most Alaskan glaciers, the Mendenhall Glacier is retreating rapidly due to climatic warming. There is a Visitors’ Center that provides information about the glacier. There is a large rushing waterfall where meltwater from the glacier cascades down into the alpine lake at the foot of the glacier.

The magician, Adam Trent, was the feature tonight One of Adam's magic tricks A magic trick involving an audience member.

The evening’s entertainment featured the magician, Adam Trent. The center photo is a composite showing one of Adam’s magic tricks. Adam involved audience members in several of his magic tricks. A fun and enjoyable show.