August 2: Hubbard Glacier

Thursday, August 2, was spent cruising near the Hubbard Glacier.

Approaching the Hubbard Glacier Waterfall fed by snow melt Approaching the face of the glacier

As we cruised towards the glacier we passed numerous streams and waterfalls fed by snow melt. The actual face of the glacier appeared blue with dark streaks where it was stained by rock dust.

Closeup of the glacier face Meltwater channel through the ice. Growler ice as we sailed away

Every once in a while a large piece of ice calves off the face of the glacier and drops into the water. The second photo shows turbulent water at the face of the glacier where a stream of meltwater is flowing out through a channel it has carved through the glacial ice. The water looks dark brown because it contains a lot of rock flour created by the movement of the glacier. As we sailed away from the glacier we sailed through large field of growlers (chunks of ice about 20 square meters in size).

A breakfast buffet

To celebrate the end of the north-bound cruise there was a breakfast buffet rather than the more traditional late night chocolate extravaganza. Too many people were just going to the chocolate extravaganza to take pictures and didn’t eat anything. There was just too much waste.