August 4: Hubbard Glacier

A day after we left Seward, Alaska on our southbound cruise we arrived at the Hubbard Glacier again.

Approaching Hubbard glacier Cruising through a mass of growlers Glacier with mountains in the background.

As we approached the glacier we sailed through a field of growlers and slush ice. From this distance you can see both the face of the glacier and the tall, snow-capped mountains beyond. This time we reached the face of the glacier somewhat later in the day and there was less low hanging cloud and fog so we had a better view of the glacier and the surrounding mountains.

The right-hand side of the glacier face ice calving off the face of the glacier

More ice calving off the glacier

This time the light and timing was better so I managed to capture a couple of photos of the ice calving off the face of the glacier.

Calving movie Meltwater Movie Sailing away from Hubbard glacier

Here are a couple of videos showing ice calving off the face of the glacier and water boiling up from an underwater meltwater channel beneath the glacier. The final photo is the view as we sailed away from the glacier.

The ship's singers and dancers Two lead performers

The evening’s performance featured the Celebrity’s singers and dancers.