August 7: Icy Strait Point

This visit to Icy Strait Point was quite different than our previous visit. This time we caught the shuttle bus into the town of Huna that was a couple of miles from the old cannery.

Tendering ashore at Icy Strait Point High school in Huna - home of the Braves Tribal house carving project

The bus driver was a friendly fellow who told us about the town and things to see and do. After we were dropped off in town, we walked past the local high school – the home of the Braves. Nearby was an innocuous, gray building that housed the Tribal House Carving Project. The US Parks Service was going to build, or rebuild, a traditional tribal house at Glacier Bay and a group of carvers in Huna had been given the contract for doing the carvings for it.

Working on a house totem. Detailed carving within a carving Painting the finished carving

Here is one of the carvers working on a house totem. These go on the sides of the front of the house. They are carved from single logs and sometimes have small carvings within the larger carved figures. Once the carving is completed, parts of it are painted to emphasize the features.

Note the mother of pearl eyes Adz for rough carving Carving chisels

The first photo shows part of the large mural for the front of the tribal house. Note that this figure has mother of pearl eyes. The carvers use a variety of tools. They rough out the sculpture using an adz and then use chisels to add the detail.

Large wall mural for the tribal house Tree across from the carving project Two baby eaglets

The first photo shows the large wall mural that will be at the front of the tribal house. Across the street from the carving project was a large tree. Near the top was a large eagle’s nest with two eaglets in it. They were pretty big and would be taking their first flights in the next week or so.

Traditional pain medication made from Devils Club A small local restaurant Home-made food but rather high prices

Since employment opportunities are limited in Huna, some people make their living by making and selling traditional native medicines while others provide services for locals and tourists.

Local community center in Huna Inside the community center. Local floating dock

Huna has a nice community center. The large interior space doubles as an auditorium and a gym. As we walked back towards the center of town we came to the local dock. Note that this is a floating dock. It rides up and down on the tall poles around the dock. A floating dock is almost a necessity because the water level changes up to 23.2 feet (7.06 m) between low and high tides.

Pod of three humpbacks near the dock Humpback as it prepares to dive Humpbacks diving movie

While we were on the dock a pod of three humpback whales swam into the bay and swam around quite close to the dock. I even managed to get a nice video of two of the humpbacks diving.

Eacgle posing on one of the dock poles Fisherman catching small fish for use as bait One of the small bait fish.

An eagle was keeping watch perched on one of the floating dock poles. Two fishermen were catching small bait fish from the dock. They were planning to use the small fish as bait for halibut or other large fish when they went fishing from a boat later in the day.

Some houses across the road from the dock Tendering back to the Celebrity Millennium. Cruising south towards Ketchican.

We climbed back up to the road from the dock. The houses in Huna seemed to be rather small but well kept. We caught the bus back to the old cannery and did a bit of shopping before we caught the tender back to our cruise ship. Before long we were underway again heading south towards Ketchican.

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