August 9/10: Back to Vancouver.

When we got up on the morning of August 9th we were well on our way down to Vancouver.

Sushi table at the brunch buffet Melons and smoked salmon with floral display Desserts and chocolate fountain.

Rather than the traditional midnight chocolate buffet, there was an elaborate buffet brunch. There was a sushi table as well as more traditional breakfast items. Of course, there was lots of smoked salmon. For those with a sweet tooth there were a wide variety of dainties as well as bite-sized chunks of fruit that could be covered in white or dark chocolate.

Casey introduces the crew's talented performers One of the bar staff singing A Hawaiian song

At 11:00 AM on our last day at sea, the crew put on a talent show that featured about a dozen members of the crew. Casey, our cruise director, introduced the performers. It was a really good show. There are a lot of talented crew members.

Cooking competition Cabins and RV park near Port Hardy Orca Quarry ships gravel to west coast ports.

In the early afternoon I attended a cooking competition. Later we cruised past some cabins and an RV park near Port Hardy at the north end of Vancouver Island. A little while later we passed the dock for the Orca Quarry. This quarry is owned by Polaris Minerals and ships high-quality sand and gravel by barge to west coast ports as far south as San Francisco. It is one of the largest quarries in the world.

Band entertaining in the evening. Back at Canada Place in Vancouver Waiting for Ian to pick us up.

In the evening we listened to one of the bands and relaxed. When we woke up in the morning we were back at Canada Place in Vancouver. We walked off the ship with our luggage and walked up to Hastings to wait for Ian to pick us up. When he did, we drove him to work and then headed East towards home.