December 6/7: Sea days

It is a long distance from Miami to Cartagena, Columbia and so the first two days of the cruise were spent at sea heading generally south.

Map of the area around Cuba Rainbow in the Caribbean Mary Ann busy crocheting

After heading south-southeast from Miami, we traveled southeast along the Old Bahama Channel just off the coast of Cuba before turning southwest to cruise through the Windward Channel between Cuba and Haiti. Once we were clear of Haiti, we turned due south and traveled between Haiti and Jamaica. There were occasional showers which produced lovely rainbows. The weather was warm and so we spent a fair bit of time on the open area at the rear of Deck 10 where Mary Ann worked on her crocheting.

Towel animal for Dec. 6 Melissa and Mary Ann have breakfast in the Garden Café Nancy and Mary Ann on the stairs in the Atrium

Every evening our cabin steward created a towel animal. On Tuesday it was this dog wearing sunglasses. On Wednesday morning, Melissa and Mary Ann ate breakfast up in the Garden Cafe. The third photo was taken in the afternoon as Nancy and Mary Ann were coming down the stairs into the Atrium.

Mary Ann and Nancy heading down to dinner in the Seven Seas. Stained glass above Seven Seas entrance

We often ate early, about 5:30 PM, in the Seven Seas dining room so we could make it to the 7:00 PM evening show. This first photo is of Nancy and Mary Ann heading down the stairs to the Seven Seas dining room. The second photo shows the lovely stained glass mural on the wall above the entrance to the Seven Seas dining room.

Melissa in the Seven Seas. Mary Ann likes ice cream with her pie. A towel elephant.

Here is Melissa all ready for dinner. Mary Ann often chose apple pie with ice cream for dessert. The last photo is the towel elephant our steward created for us on Friday evening.