December 14/15/16: Sailing back to Miami

It is almost 1800 km from St. Thomas to Miami – about the same as from Winnipeg to Denver. As a result, it took us over two full days at sea to get back to Miami. That is why we prefer to sail out of San Juan, Puerto Rico rather than Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Instead of many sea days at each end of the cruise, you have time to visit more islands.

Gingerbread Christmas scene in the atrium, Close-up detail of the gingerbread Christmas scene in the atrium,

The kitchen staff created an elaborate Christmas scene in the atrium using gingerbread, candies, chocolate and icing. Once the icing hardened the train could actually run on the tracks through the scene.

Nancy and Gerry by the Christmas tree. Melissa and Mary Ann by the Christmas tree.

There was a large Christmas tree in the atrium and it provided a nice background for portraits.

Our last towel critter. Nancy chats with Melissa and Mary Ann as they have breakfast before disembarking in Miami

This is the last of the towel critters created by our cabin steward. We all had a good breakfast on the last morning as we prepared to disembark in Miami on Sunday, December 16.