Jan 10: Flight from Minneapolis to Miami to Guayaquil

The 3:30 AM wakeup call seemed to come much too early. However we struggled out of bed, got dressed and hauled the luggage down to the lobby. We just had time to grab a glass of juice and a Danish before it was time to hop on the 4:00 AM shuttle to the airport. It took a while to check in at the airport because one of our checked bags was overweight and we had to shift some items into our carry on bags.Gate for our flight to Miami
Then it was off to security for a thorough screening. We arrived at gate E16 in plenty of time for our 6:05 AM American Airlines flight to Miami. The flight was uneventful. During the flight we learned that AA just provides beverage service on domestic flights, no peanuts or pretzels any more. We arrived in Miami about 11 AM to bright sunshine and temperatures of 70°F. Sunshine and warm Termperatures in MiamiUnfortunately, our flight to Guayaquil wasn’t scheduled to depart until 6:30 PM so we had a lot of time to kill in the Miami airport. Miami is a very busy airport with hundreds of flights arriving and departing every day. When we arrived, our departing flight wasn’t even shown on the three big screens listing the departures.Departing flights from MIA They only showed the flight departing between 11:30 AM and 4:00 PM! For lunch we ate some of the egg salad sandwiches we had brought along. Our flight to Guayaquil was on wide-body Boeing 767. The flight was full and departed a half hour late. Since this was an international flight, we were served supper. It wasn’t great food but it was something to eat. We touched down in Guayaquil at about 11:15 PM. By the time we cleared immigration, collected our luggage, and went through customs, it was well after 11:30 PM. We caught an overpriced taxi to the Funky Monkey Hostel and signed in.