Jan. 10/11: Funky Monkey Hostel

The tarmac at the Guyaquil airport was wet when we landed so we knew it had been raining. As we left the airport and rode to the hostel, the heat and humidity hit us. It was almost midnight and the temperature was still about 27°C (80°F).
Our room at the Funky Monkey
As we hauled our suitcases to our room we had to squeeze past an old VW micro bus. The door on the left led to our room. The door in the center was a bathroom. The room was very basic: just a double bed, a table and a cockroach or two. Since the floor of the room was level with the walkway outside, the recent rain had caused water to seep under the door. This meant that you had to walk through water to go to the bathroom. Since it was very hot and sticky, we were happy to see a window air conditioning unit. However, when we turned it on, we soon learned that the compressor didn’t work so there was no cooling. However, the fan did provide some relief. Truth be told, we didn’t get much sleep that night!

Funky Monkey Courtyard
In the morning, we got up about 7:45, got dressed and headed through the hostel’s courtyard to the office/breakfast area. It was obvious that the hostel was a holdover days of the hippies in the 1960′s. There were the  psychedelic decorations and images everywhere. There was even an old VW microbus! No sign of Alice though.

Breakfast at the Funky Monkey

I had ordered two breakfasts: one vegetarian and the other with Mexican eggs. Here is the hostel’s manager/chef cooking up our breakfast. The food was different but good. After breakfast our host called a taxi for us and we lugged our suitcases  out to the curb. We arrived at OperAzuay Tur, the company that provides van service to Cuenca in plenty of time for the 9:00 AM van to Cuenca.