Feb. 3: Installing the Internet

This is a bit of a belated post because the guys came to install the Internet on the Saturday after we arrived in Cuenca. However, since it is fairly indicative of Ecuadorian work, I thought it was worth including.

The two installers are installing a wireless internet connection. This involves installing a small antenna at the highest point on the roof, running a cable from the antenna to where the computer is to be located, and attaching a modem controller to the end of the cable, a wall outlet and the computer.

Hauling the heavy spool of cable up the ladder. Wrestling the heavy spool onto the roof Carrying the spool to the peak of the roof.

Since the job involves stringing a piece of cable from the antenna to where the computer is to be located, you might thing the best tactic would be to climb up on the roof, measure the length of cable needed, climb down, cut the length of cable needed, and carry it up to the roof. You might think that that is a reasonable way to proceed, but you would be wrong – this is Ecuador. What you do is carry the 100 lb spool of wire up the ladder, wrestle it onto the roof and carry it to where the antenna is to be located so you can spool off the amount of wire you need. I didn’t say a word and just held the ladder when they were both up on the roof.

The power cable for their electric drill Drilling a hole through the window frame for the cable. Running the cable over to the computer.

In order to install the antenna they had to drill a couple of holes through the roofing tiles. You might expect they would use one of the newer 14.4 or 18 volt cordless drills. But, this is Ecuador. They used a nice corded DeWalt drill powered through a long, twisted extension cord. In the second photo the installer is using a masonry bit to drill a hole for the cable past the edge of the window frame. He then pulled the cable through the hole and over to the computer.

Neatly routing the cable along the wall using hot melt glue. Installing the modem/controller. Programming the modem/controller

The installers used a hot-melt glue to neatly tack the cable down the wall and then along the top of the baseboard to where the computer was located. The other installer then attached the modem/controller and programmed it.

Cleaning up and rolling up the extension cord.
The final step was to clean up and put away the tools. Here one of the installers tries to untabgle and wind up the long extension cord they used to power their electric drill. They really should use a cordless drill, is would save time and be much safer. However, this is Ecuador.