Wednesday, March 23 morning in Quito

We began our morning in Quito with a breakfast at a corner restaurant. We both had fruit salads. Nan had freshly squeezed orange juice while I had coffee in hot milk and a roll. We then explored the area around the Simon Bolivar statue.
Simon Bolivar Monument

Behind the statue is a large park with this fountain.

Fountain in Alameda Park

The park contains the busts of many prominent Equadorians and at the center is the original astronomical observatory (still in use).

]Astronomical observatory

The North end of the park has a large lake and canal where you can rent boats to paddle around.

Waterway in Alameda Park

We then walked up the hill past many shops selling tile and other floorings to see the Basilica.

The basilica in Quito

It seems as though the roof of the basillica needs some work… Dan!

Fixing the Basilica roof.

The new basillica is large enough to hold 10,000 worshipers.

Inside the basillica

Some natives close to the basillica.

Native women on the street

As we were heading back to our room we heard a brass band playing. It was a big ceremony at the Simon Bolivar statue with the presidents of Ecuador and Bolivia in attendance.

Ceremony at Simon Bolivar monument