Thursday, March 24: Fly to Cuenca

This morning we had breakfast at the corner restaurant.

Corner restaurant

Today we each had two fried eggs. Nan had fresh squeezed mango juice while I had coffee and a croissant with a slice of cheese ($2.80 total). After breakfast we said goodbye to our host at the hostel and took a taxi to the airport.

Our host at Margatita Inn
Our friendly host at the Margarita Inn.
Traffic on the way to the airport.
Traffic on the taxi ride to the airport.

The traffic was so slow on the way to the airport that vendors went from car to car selling newspapers, sun screens, candy and cigarettes. The ride took 45 minutes and the fare was just $5.00.

When we got to the airport we went to the ticket and bought a return ticket to Cuenca. Since we were buying at the last minute, the price was high.

LAN Ticket wicket
Buying a ticket to Cuenca
Our flight
Our flight left around noon.
Loading the A-319
The flight to Cuence as about 50 minutes long on an Airbus 319

Scenery along the way from Quito to Cuenca (220 miles – 50 minutes)

Outskirts of Quito
Outskirts of Quito
Near Cuenca
Near Cuenca

Arriving at the airport terminal in Cuenca.

Cuenca Terminal

We walked the 5 or so blocks from the airport to the main bus terminal to check on the bus schedules between Quito and Cuenca.

Walking to the terminal terresterial (bus station).

Once we had that information in hand we took a taxi to our hostel. Here is some of the scenery along the way.

A school bus
A School Bus
A school near our hostel
A school near our hostel

It took a bit of looking but we finally found the landlady who runs the hostel. We have a room with two double beds. We share two bathrooms with about 5 other people staying on the 4th floor. We also share a kitchen, a dining room, and a sitting room with balcony (known as the beach because the girls use it for sun bathing). We even have wi-fi in our room. Great for $6/night/person. Here’s our room.

Our room in Hostal Turista del Mundo

This gives you some idea of what we can see from the windows on the fourth floor of the hostel.

Looking over the city from the beach
Looking over the city from the beach
Storm moving in
Storm moving in
Looking down at the river from the beach
Looking down at the river from the beach.