Monday, March 28: Fly to Quito

Boarding the LAN-Ecuador flight to Quito
On Monday we puttered around in the morning. About 11:00 am we flagged down a taxi and had him take us to the airport. While we waited for our flight to board we chatted with Mike and Marilyn Bilsbarrow from Dryden, Ontario. They were heading back to pick up their car in Florida and slowly head back north. Eventually the plane was ready and we all walked across the tarmac and up the steps into the Airbus A319 for the flight to Quito.
The photos below were taken just after takeoff from Cuenca and as we were landing in Quito.

Shortly after takeoff Shortly before landing in Quito

It was several hours before Dan, Theresa and Lane’s flight was due in and so we strolled around the airport taking in the sights and people watchiing. The larger statue is in front of the international arrivals area. The two shots of the mother and daughter show off the front and back of their traditional costumes.

Staute at Quito Airport Mother daughter traditional dress Mother daughter traditional dress

Medi-Plus Greeter
Once the plane had arrived from Miami, there were various greeters from various tour companies that met arriving passengers. One of the greeters was from Mediplus. Mediplus is a German travel company that specializes in travel to spas and wellness facilities.

Dan, Lane and Theresa arriving in Quito
The plane arrived about 5:00 pm and by 6:00 pm we were starting to get concerned that Dan, Theresa and Lane had missed their connection in Miami. However, eventually they passed the last screening and emerged tired and a bit hungry. We piled into a large van and drove over to the Margarita Inn where we had spent a couple of night previously. It was 6:45 pm when we arrived at the hostel and the sun had set so they couldn’t see much of Quito. After a nice supper at the Chinese restaurant where we had eaten before, we all hit the sack because we had to catch an 8:00 am bus to Cuenca in the morning.