Thursday, March 31: in Cuenca

Daniel, Theresa and Lane had an enjoyable day. The highlights included the run down and up the steps to the river (6 times today instead of 5) and a trip to the market with Andy, a new friend from Nebraska who speaks Spanish. They had a great time at the market. The vendors were friendly and gave them samples of all sorts of new fruits and vegetables.
However, I found that Wednesday had been a very stressful and tiring day and I didn’t feel like doing much walking about today. So, I spent most of the day composing the previous blog posts. That worked OK until mid-afternoon when my connection to the Wi-Fi network went wonky. The only trip Nan and I made was to try to find an Ecuadorian cookbook. We checked the two bookstores nearby without any success. We then met an ex-pat from Toronto outside the local laundry and she suggested that we ask at the Creperie up the street. We did, and the lady their suggested trying the LibriMundi bookstore ( about four blocks up Hermando Miquel at Mariscal Sucre. We hiked up the street, found the bookstore and found “The Ecuador Cookbook” and purchased a copy. When we got back to the hostel Dan and Theresa had come back from the market with lots of interesting produce. We had a light supper of a fruit salad and a ham and cheese bunwich. I didn’t manage to get the connection working again until about 8:00 pm – more frustration. Although I didn’t get the Wednesday’s blog post done, I at least got to sort through all the photos, select the ones to include, and do the necessary cropping, adjusting, and re-sizing on them. Since some of the renovations on the lower floors of the hostel have been completed, there are more spaces in the hostel and new people are arriving as a rapid rate. Dan, Theresa and Lane were up late visiting and drinking with the new guests. I was too tired and just fell into bed.