2012 Hooge Reunion Begins

The descendants of Johann Hooge and Gertrude Toews have been holding reunions since the early 1990s. The first two in 1994 and 1999 were held at the Silver Star Ski Resort near Vernon, BC. The next in 2004 was at Beaver Lake between Vernon and Kelowna, BC. The most recent was held in 2009 in Winnipeg at the Canadian Mennonite University and featured visits to the old farmsteads, cemetery and the town of Plum Coulee.
At the 2009 reunion it was decided that we should have the reunions every three years rather than every five years because many of the participants are getting on in years. As a result, this reunion was held from July 19-22, 2012 in Vancouver. The reunion was hosted by Dr John and Cathy Hooge and Marian and Michael Robson of Vancouver. Arrangements were made for the out-of-town participants to stay at the YWCA Hotel/Residence.

The YWCA Hotel is located in downtown Vancouver (at the A on the map) so it was within walking distance of the many downtown Vancouver attractions. We did not have a block of rooms on one floor. We had a room on the 11th floor while others had rooms on lower floors. Getting around the hotel was a bit tricky because you needed two sets of keys: one for the elevator so you could access the parking area in the basement and another key for your room.
The chart below shows three generations of the descendants of Johann Hooge and Gertrude Toews and indicates who was able to attend this reunion.
Descendants of Johann Hooge and Gertrude Toews
The photos below give you a bit of a feel of what the YWCA Hotel is like. The photo in the lower right is of the room where we stayed.
The photo on the right was taken from the window of our room on the 11th floor.

The reunion participants registered at the YWCA Hotel as they arrived on Thursday afternoon and evening. John and Marian had arranged for a light catered dinner in one of the large rooms in the hotel. After dinner we sat around and chatted.