Friday Lunch on Granville Island

Walking around Granville IslandAfter our tour of the Museum of Anthropology, we headed to Granville Island to have lunch at the Bridges restaurant. Since Granville Island is a very popular place, parking is a problem so we parked in a parkade a fair distance from the restaurant and walked past the many shops on the island.

Granville Island Broom Company Some of the many brooms for sale. Making brooms with unusual shapes.

The Granville Island Broom Company was close to the parkade where we left the car. They have a wide variety of brooms for sale. All of the brooms they sell are hand-made on the premise.

Flower shop on Granville Island. The farmers' market area of Granville Island. Fruit market

The farmers’ market area of Granville Island is a place to buy high-grade flowers, fruits and vegetables. Most of the produce is locally-grown but some of the more exotic or out-of-season items are imported. However, most of the produce is organic.

Bridges restaurant where we ate lunch. Marilyn Harms discusses a point with Joan Driedger. Will Harms at rear Mary Ann Goerzen takes a photo

We ate lunch at the Bridges restaurant. Initially we were seated on the patio but had to move inside – not because of rain but because the patio is a licensed area and Allen and Marilyn’s grandson, Will, was under age. As the group waited for lunch to be prepared, there was ample opportunity for conversation and picture-taking.

Marian Robinson Otto Driedger Grace, John, Len, Cathy, Phyllis and Karen

Here are some of the group as we sat around enjoying the chance to share news, stories and memories.

Florence Driedger finished lunch with a decadent dessert. View as we left the Bridges restaurant La Casa Gelato

Some members of the group, such as Florence Driedger, finished off lunch with a delicious dessert. After lunch most of the group wandered through the many shops on Granville Island. Ian wanted to show us La Casa Gelato so we headed there.

The display cases of ice creams. Customer pondering which flavor to try. A few of the flavors. Pear, Gorgonzola & Blue Cheese???

La Casa Gelato is located at 1033 Venables Street in an industrial area of Vancouver. It is a mecca for ice cream lovers. There are over 400 flavors available daily selected from an array of over 600 flavors they make here. They have flavors that you will not find anywhere else. For example, “Pear, Gorgonzola & Blue Cheese” ice cream! Since many of the flavors are exotic, you can ask for free samples of any of the varieties as you try to decide which flavor to have.

Your ice cream, sir! Prices may seem high but remember all those free samples! The waffle cones are made and hand-rolled on site.

When you’ve made your choice, the staff will create a single or double cone to your specifications. Prices do seem high but you have to remember that the ice cream and cones are all hand-made on site and that you did have how many free samples?

Birthday Cake and Maple Bacon flavors Chanterelle Mushroom Gelato was the latest flavor Trying one of Ian's newest board games.

Even after you have finished your cone you can go back and try a few more flavors such as “Maple Bacon”, “Birthday Cake”, or the latest flavor “Wild Chanterelle Mushroom” ice cream. After we finished our ice cream we spent the rest of the afternoon at Ian’s place trying out some of his latest board games.