Bake a Round®
Use and Care Tips

For the tube:.

  • Always cool empty tube in rack.
  • Allow to cool gradually.
  • Avoid impact - glass breaks!
  • If rack is not used, carry tube with hands over ends to avoid accidental impact.
  • Do not use with broiler heat
  • Place in rack for handling, baking or storing (the tube rolls easily).
  • If sticking occurs, use long, slender spatula to loosen.
  • Tube will not fit in all microwave ovens.
For the rack:.
  • Do not use in microwave ovens.
  • Can be held safely in one hand.
  • Holds the tube for handling, baking and storing.
To clean the tube:.
  • Cool and soak if necessary.
  • Wash by hand in hot, sudsy water.
  • Do not place hot tube directly on cool surface or in cool water.
  • While the glass tube is dishwasher safe, it is not recommended for use in dishwashers because the size and shape will prevent draining and permit spotting.
  • For stubborn soil, use non-scratchy cleanser such as Bon Ami® and/or plastic mesh pad.
To clean the rack:.
  • Hand wash.
  • It is also dishwasher safe.

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