Bake a Round®

The Bake a Round® is a glass tube used for baking bread. The tube is made of PYREX® glass and comes with a chrome plated steel holder. The Bake a Round® was manufactured by the Corning Glass Company during the 1970s. It is no longer manufactured and so the only sources of supply are thrift or antique shops or ebay. The current price on ebay varies from $10 to $30 depending on it's condition (new/used) and whether it comes with the original box, instruction sheet and recipes.

General Instructions     -     Use and Care Tips

Bake a Round® Recipes

NOTE: You can use most recipes for 1 pound loafs such at the ones here.

You can request an instruction manual for the Pyrex Bake a Round here:

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The instructions and recipes on this site are copied directly from a copy of the original materials supplied by PYREX® customer service.